From Bertrand, priest of Treebridge
To Kuthbert, chaplain of our master and protectorate Althror
on this, the 4th day of Sollestund, in the 511th year of the One God

My dear friend Kuthbert,

My research into the ancient history of our people and their arrival in Talleslund continues, and as we expected, it is not a proud history we bear. That is, of course, if one lays credence to any of the legends of elves and faeries that used to inhabit these lands! Recent excavations in the fenlands near Angeltown to build a new dyke and arable farmland have uncovered the ruins of an ancient hamlet from the days of the Tallesör settlements of this land, and in it, some ancient records were found in a casket. Most were water-damaged beyong repair, but of those that survived, I have been translating them and uncovered a fantastic tale, which I thought you would find interesting.

We know that what we now call Talleslund was originally settled by warlike tribes sailing across from the mainland. Chief amongst them was Tallesör, who united the tribes and named the new country after himself. This, as we know, was over a thousand years ago now. It is said that in those times, this land was green woodland from one end to the other, and inhabited by fey creatures, elves and faeries. These were peaceful and innocent creatures, unwise to the ways of warlike humans, and poorly equipped to deal with the invaders.

As Tallesör and his kind cleared the woodland and assumed control of the land, converting and bending it to their needs, the fey were driven further and further back. Those that were caught were slain, as the early men feared and despised that which they did no understand, and the magical jewels and trinkets the fey had made great prizes for the warlords.

Now, it appears Tallesör had a daughter, by the name of Kerenne. Some of these records appear to be her own journals, others that of Tallesör himself. Piecing together what I could, I have determined that Kerenne happened upon an elf one day, when she went to bathe in a river in the woodland. Both feared one another initially, due to the bloody relationship between their two peoples, but it seems that Kerenne was such a beauty that the elven man was transfixed, and did not leave. Instead, he lingered, and the two spoke. It seems a romance soon resulted.

The two met every night for a month, in clandestine meets in the woods under moonlight when Kerenne was able to steal away from her father’s camp. They exchanged stories of their peoples, and soon became inseperable. Kerenne also fed the elf warnings of her fathers expeditions into the woodland, which he used to keep his people safe.

But then came the day that Tallesör revealed his plans for a mass invasion of the woodland. He has united the various tribes dotted about the land, and a huge swathe of woodland had become surrounded. He had plans to wipe out the fey folk there once and for all, and claim the land as his own. Kerenne fled into the woods to warn her lover, but it was too late. With the humans positioned where they were, there was nowhere left for the elves to run to.

Some thought they could use their woodland magics to sneak past the humans, and escape to the barren lands to the north, I believe lands that we now know to be Kurlund and Felgard. But others chose to leave the world of Lore altogether, and return to their ancestral homeland, in another plane of existence altogether.

It seems fey folk own “keys” to traverse realms of existence. These keys are always three gemstones of some sort, attuned with their otherworldly magic and fashioned into some jewellery or trinket. The three gems together, if suitably charged, can open a door to their otherworldly existence.

This group of elves had such a key, which they had whimsically forged in the shape of three small, golden eggs, each inset with a gemstone. Each had the name of one of the elven tribal elders inscribed upon them, although I was not able to determine what these names were from the records I have. However, it seems that the elves that chose not to escape north used these eggs to leave Lore, and enter another plane of existence.

The elves escaped, but the nature of the key is that it has to be left behind. The elves begged Kerenne to take the eggs, and hide them in all corners of the land, so that Tallesör would never find them and destroy them, or worse, find a way to open the portal to the other realm himself. For the part of her lover, whether he left for the north or escaped through the portal, the records do not say.

What is clear is that Tallesör found no more elves, so their plan must have worked. He also never found the eggs, for they were never mentioned in his records. I can only assume that Kerenne did as she was beseeched, and hid them around Lore. Who knows, perhaps they are still somewhere in these lands today!

There is one final twist to the tale, also. It is recorded in Tallesör’s records that soon after, he sent his daughter Kerenne away in disgrace, for it was discovered she was with child, and out of wedlock. In those days of course, such a thing would have brought great shame to the chieftain, so the girl was banished. Thus far, my research has not been able to ascertain what happened to her after that. But imagine – if she bore her half-human, half-fey child… whatever could have happened to that child? It is said the fey are immortal, and do not age as we do. That child could perchance still be alive today, if only we knew where to look!

I hope you find this story of interest, my friend, and would welcome any thoughts you have on the matter.

My warmest regards,