The Misted Isles

This tiny string of rocky isles lies between the northern coast of Felgard and the sinister, frigid kingdom of Nimrien. They lie within the arctic tundra and as such, little grows there, save for orange and red lichens. The isles are surrounded in a pall of blue-white mist the year round, making them difficult to locate by sea. Indeed, many a vessel that has strayed off-course in these northern waters has been dashed on their coastlines.

Little else can be said about these isles that is steeped in fact, only legend and heresay provides any further insight. Certainly, no-one visits the Misted Isles, partly because of their little material worth, and partly because of the tales that put off would-be visitors.

The Talleslundic priest Caubart chronicles in his journals of when the vessel he has commandeered to take him on an expedition to bring the One Faith to Nimrien (an ill-fated voyage, Caubart barely escaped from Nimrien with his life – but that is, of course, another tale) travelled too close to the Misted Isles. His journal speaks of bestial howling from the craggy peaks, greenish fires appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye, and seductive female voices whispering in the ears of the crew in the still of the night…

Other legends speak of the Dread Portents, a clan of assassins who have been known to meddle in the politics of men, bringing about downfalls of kings and tyrants over the centuries. Little is known about these people and what motivates them… but an obscure reference to them in a centuries-old papyrus found in a tomb far south in the Omarian Sultanate speaks of a mission to make contact with them “in the peaks shrouded in mist, deep in the frigid waters of the north”… a possible connection?