Frequently Asked Questions

What is this game?

Lore is a re-imagination of early computer adventure games, set in medieval worlds of high fantasy, knights and mages, elves and orcs, dragons, undead monsters… and treasure and glory.

However unlike the adventure games of yesteryear, Lore does not tie you into a single story or one linear path through the game. Like today’s immersive worlds, Lore is a game that allows you to explore, develop your character and amass treasure, make your own friends and foes, and discover other quests to accept or ignore along the way. Jump back into the overarching story whenever you feel like, or simply go off exploring. The choice is yours!

It seems to be text-only?

Early adventure games on computers required no graphics, no 3D worlds, no commercially-produced sound, music of professional voice-over actors. With only a text-based interface, they were engaging, challenging… and fun. Legends of Lore is a recreation of that era, a game that can be engaging and fun to play, using only the basics.

We’ve adapted the concept of an early text-based game to be compatible with a mobile phone interface – simple clicks replace text entry. Add in a simple yet effective combat interface for doing battle, flexibility to explore the world as you see fit, and diverse character classes with unique abilities… and we believe we have a great game!

Why does it need location services and a bunch of other stuff?

Honestly, it doesn’t! That’s just an unfortunate side-effect of us having to put ads at the bottom of the game page. The ad controls we use pull those requirements in, even if they don’t use them either. As we don’t control the ads, we can’t do anything about it. The alternative would be to lose the ad banner and have the game paid-for instead. But we’d prefer to give it to you for free!

 Will this be released for Android/iPhone?

Right now we’re concentrating on Windows Phone launch. If you want to see this game on other platforms, let us know!

 What is the world of Lore?

Lore is a fantasy world, analogous in society and technology to dark ages Earth. Unlike our history though, magic and divine intervention are known and commonplace, as are orcs, goblins, trolls and the like. Humans, however, dominate much of the lands and much of society.

You begin your adventures in the land of Talleslund, a land similar to medieval England. The land is divided into fiefs, each rules by a Baron, who answer to the Thane (who is a known recluse – few, save his barons, get to meet him). You begin in the fief of Baron Althror, a strong, yet kindly ruler, fondly regarded by all in his fief.

You will begin in the bustling town of Treebridge – an unassuming place… on the verge of a discovery of the existence of an ancient evil that these lands have forgotten how to cope with…

Click on the Lore link above to explore more of these lands!

 Is there just the one quest?

Not at all! There is indeed one over-arching quest of epic proportions that will have you travel far and wide across the lands of Lore, as you investigate and strive to eradicate the cause of an ancient evil.

But you are not tied into that quest alone – during your travels you can explore places you find, speak to people you encounter along the way, and stumble on other side quests that you can choose to undertake. The way in which you interact with people you find can have repercussions throughout the land, allowing or denying new opportunities for you as you continue to explore.

 How many side quests/explorable areas are there?

Plenty for you to find! And as we release updates we’ll be adding more all the time.

How do I save my game?

You don’t need to. Lore will automatically remember your progress so you can leave the game any time you like, and pick up where you left off. Note that version of the game has a bug with some devices where this automatic save isn’t working properly – this is fixed in version, so be sure to stay updated to the latest version!

 Do I need an internet connection to play?

Not at all, no internet connection is required. The entire game world is held locally on your phone, so you’ll be able to play even if your cellular data allowance is maxed out, in areas with poor mobile signal coverage, or even when your phone’s flight mode is engaged.

 Does this game support multiplayer?

Not right now – Lore is a single-player game. But if you want to see a multiplayer version, we have plans! Contact us and let us know if you’d like to see this.

 I have an idea for a new quest/character/dungeon! Can I contribute to the game?

Yes, please do! Lore is a massive world and we love to see it get bigger. Any ideas you have, no matter how detailed or basic, send them in! Use our Contact form and let us know what you’d like to see in the game. If your idea makes it into the next update, we’ll be sure to credit you, and maybe even find a way to reward you in your copy of the game!

I want to see more of this world! How can I get it?

Visit the Lore section to read more about the world of Lore. We’ll be adding more all the time.

And let us know what you think of the game! Use our Contact page to tell us what you think, submit your own ideas, fan fiction or requests. And keep checking our Blog for more news. We even plan to launch more games exploring more of the world, exploring other retro game genres along the way.

How else can I support this project?

First and foremost, please give us a 5-star review on the Windows Marketplace! Good reviews are the best way to help promote the game.

Tell all your friends about the game, and get them to play! The more players we have, the happier we are.

Like us on Facebook, and tell your Facebook friends about our page there too!

And… if you really like the game… please just drop us a message on our Contact page. We love to hear from our players! And don’t worry… you might get a “thank you” emailed back to you, but we’ll never spam you or use your email address for anything else!