An intercepted letter, from Jherryk to his cousin

From Jherryk, your loyal customer
To Duran, our favoured barkeep
on this, the 19th day of Kurvystund, in the 511th year of the Old God

My dear cousin Duran,

How goes the trade? As the last inne between the verdant fields of Althror’s fief and the less hospitable lands of Baroness Sundura, I imagine you do rather well of the merchants that travel inbetween. Even with that foul piss-water you try to serve as ale!

To business though – it has come to my attention, courtesy of my spying crows, that Althror has been in touch with Julyanna of the Adventurer’s Guild. It seems they have concocted some scheme to create an elite team of do-gooders, to parade around Talleslund, impressing their wondrousness on the people of the land with the sun shining out of their rear ends. As you can imgine, this could cause problems in the operations of my own team.

After that unfortunate incident with the wyvern last year that caused the early demise of my dear colleague Paudric, it seems to me that I will have to start looking for a replacement to make up numbers in the team. There’s a lot of work to do (it never cease to amaze me the coin some folk will part with, just to have us do something as simple as slit someone’s throat!), and I need the extra manpower.

So, can you put out the word for me please? Have your contacts in the other tavern throughout the land be on the lookout. You know the sort of person I need. Tough, experienced and with a few adventures under his or her belt. But most important – they need to have the same level of morality as I do. That is, no morals at all.

I’ll be along to meet up with you in person soon, if you can get someone lined up for me, I have a task to test them with. You’ll never believe what that idiot Brylik thought he could get away with! Time we taught him a lesson, and I think our new recruit, once we find them, could do the task for us.

Remember – commit this to memory, then destroy this letter immediately.

Your cousin,