Explore an immersive world. Find towns, castles, forests and underworlds. Speak to inhabitants of the world you encounter along the way.

Toil towards the major game quest to save the lands against an ancient evil… or simply explore and forge your own path.

Choose from one of four character types, each with unique abilities.

Play as a warrior, an expert in every weapon and a brave combatant, a mage, with a spellbook of fantastic and powerful magics, a monk, stalwart and tough, and capable of calling upon divine mystical powers, or a rogue, light-footed, able to pick pockets and explore areas inaccessible to other characters.

A unique turn-based combat system allows you to do battle against enemies and monsters you encounter along the way.

Trade blows, call upon magics or use enchanted items to help you win victory over your foes!

Review your statistics to see how you progress along the way.

Fame and infamy affect your reputation and how others interact with you, and is affected by your actions.

Gain experience by defeating enemies in combat or completing tasks for newfound allies. Building experience unlocks new abilities and improves your combat skills.

Collect gold to buy new equipment to improve your chances of survival in hostile lands!

Review your journal at any time – automatically updated as you play to remind you of your accomplishments and your next challenges.

Your journal will chronicle all your actions in any quests you choose to undertake during your travels.