A missive from Althror to the Adventurer’s Guild

From Althror, baron of eastern Talleslund
To Grandmistress Julyanna, of the Adventurer’s Guild of Lore
on this, the 14th day of Kurvystund, in the 511th year of the Old God


You may recall our conversation during the highsummer harvest ball last year. I trust your memory was not addled by the excellent crate of Barabourg wine you treated us all to! I trust I kept my manners appropriately, for my own head was a touch cloudy that evening after we opened the third bottle. That said of course, knowing your skill with the blade, I expect I’d be short of one hand now if I had behaved inappropriately…

As you will no doubt remember, we discussed expanding the remit of the Adventurer’s Guild. While your small army of clerks do a stalwart job of preparing new visitors to our land, and provide training that I know for certain that many young adventurers find invaluable, I think we were in agreement that the guild could do so much more.

I believe that you had in mind a number of your more senior guildmembers that could be recruited to a select branch of the guild, under your purview. I agree that the enchantress Polya and Sir Sygmund are ideal candidates for this order. If you wish to recruit more, I will leave that to your discretion.

As you are aware, rumours abound of new evils stirring in lands foreign to ours. Dark rumours reach us from Nimrien. The expansionist ways of the T’Munzund Dynasty are a concern, not just for the fear of new border wars, but also for what they may disturb in the Tah’Zak wastelands. And as for the chaos in the remains of the Tabamor empire – well, who can say how that mess will end. But this talk we hear of the dead rising on the mainland… tales to scare children in their beds? Or something more sinister – who can tell. I have my scholars investigating, but I feel we should be ready should something terrible happen.

So take this as my consent and endorsement of your plan. I shall have my steward Jeruld contact you to arrange funds. Recruit your elite adventurers, and stand ready. There are many wrongs in this land that we can right with this new enterprise.

My best wishes and prayers for you,