Epic role-playing adventure!

Play as a warrior, mage, rogue or monk, and wander the lands of Lore.

Do battle with ancient evils in a compelling story, or simply explore the immersive world uncover your own quests to complete, people to befriend or betray, and underworlds to venture into!

Exclusively on Windows Phone

Designed to run on Windows Phone 7 and 8

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Legends of Lore is a game unlike any other.

Forsaking cutting-edge graphics, sound and video, Legends of Lore focusses squarely on what truly makes a game great to play – the immersive experience.

In a nod to text-based adventure games of years gone by, you will be transported to a high fantasy world, as a new adventurer stumbling blindly into a story of epic proportions. Before you know it, you will be caught up in a sequence events involving an ancient evil… and the attempts of a world that has all but forgotten how to deal with horrors from deep in its own history.

Choose from four playable character classes, each with their own unique abilities. Will you be a warrior, seasoned in combat skills, tough an an expert in every weapon? A mage, weak in combat but with a devastating array of magics to hand in his spellbook? A rogue, light and nimble, an able fighter but with special abilities that helps him live off his wits? Or a monk, stalwart and faithful, and able to call on divine powers to help him in his quest?

Work through the main story quest, or simply explore the open landscape, speak to people, and uncover further quests of your own. The Legends of Lore await you, in this free-to-play game exclusively for Windows Phone!

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